Exception Meta Data

I want to log few messages incase of system/business exception using ReFramework. Please help me with the syntax.

  1. The activity in which it failed
  2. the workflow in which it failed


Hi @Ritaman_Baral

Check on this thread

I hope it helps!!


If you use try catch around a invoke workflow say in ref if you want to capture the details in the process transaction try catch

Then use exception.source which will give you full trace from the activity till the last invoke workflow where it failed

If you need workflow separately then you need to write the workflow name to a asset or some place at the start of the workflow so that when exception occurs you can retrieve it


Hi @Ritaman_Baral

Exception.Source will give the source information where the exception throws in which activity or in which workflow.

Exception.Message will give the error information.

Hope it helps!!

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