How to create exception report REFramework

How can I create an exception report of all the business exceptions? I am using the reframework. In my process.xaml, I invoke various workflows, and when they hit a business exception they exception out, and the next item in the queue is processed. My business exceptions all have different messages depending on the workflow.

I want to be able to create a excel file that contains:

Work item # and it’s corresponding exception.

How would I do this?

Can you post how are you trying to create the business exception @happygal321?

You have to create it like

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@HareeshMR I used a throw in each of the workflows:

throw exception, which is new BusinessRuleException(“my message”)

Yes, you can give it as above in the throw activity @happygal321

@HareeshMR But how do I create an excel sheet containing all the exceptions the bot caught?

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Simply store the message whatever you are passing in the business exception in a variable and write it to the excel @happygal321

Which section do I write it to the excel?