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while opening any RE Framework Template in UiPath Studio Community Version, there was a default error showing, like, in Initialization Applications, where we need to go in InitAll Settings. So, in InitAll Settings, while opening that workflow, in the first run, I have read the configuration file of Settings and Constants, and then I have stored the data in DataTable variable. And then, I have to create a Dictionary variable, so I have to loop the DataTable variable using ForEach row in DataTable. So, while using ForEach row in DataTable, I was giving a condition, like, if string is null or whitespace, and attached a NOT to that expression. So, based on that expression, I need to create a Dictionary variable. But, while giving that expression in if condition, I am getting an error, like, the row is not defined. I have checked in DataManager and Variable Panel, it was there. So, how to fix it? Folks, have a check and fix this issue. I will be so glad for your response.


  1. try with Row exacty how it looks
  2. try to remove the activity and re add


Hi @Ajay_rocks

Try the below way:

Not String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(Row("Name").ToString.Trim())

May be it’s throwing error because you have declared as Row in For Each Row in datatable and passed row in the condition.

Hope you understand!!

Tried given suggestions:

Giving the same varibale which is used in for each row in data table activity
The error showing here is which ever the varibale is use in for each row activity it’s telling me that particular varibale is not declared i would like recreate the varibale in data manager pls tel me what is the data type of Row in for each row in data table activity

The code is running smooth but when i open if condition im able to see this error i just thought it was my error may be its a technical issue in framework but anyone have an idea to fix this issue can pls respond back. Thanks folks ):

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