Type Into Error When Input data in web

Dear all,

I would like to ask how to fix the error below:
Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression"row(0).Tostring" . ‘row’ is not declared. It may be inaccessible due to its protection level.

Is there any encountered this before?

Hi @SH_94,

This normally occurs when you refer to a variable that doesn’t exist. Please check that row is declared. I imagine that this is within a For Each Row or For Each?

Hi @william.coulson ,

Thanks a lot for the prompt response. May i know how to check whether the row is declared?

Yes. You are right and it is under for each row.

Many thanks in advance.


row variable will be visible only in Body sequence of the for each row activity.

Please, check that the row variable is used in the Body sequence scope.

Hi @SH_94,

As per @artshoque’s screenshot, look at what you have specified in your For Each Row. You would use this as the variable. Alternatively, you can use:


(1,1 would be B2)

@SH_94 If you are latest versions of UiPath it is CurrentRow(0).tostring, instead if row(0).tostring, as they change the variable name from row to CurrentRow.

You can change the name though if you want.



Hi @prasath_S

Thanks a lot for the prompt response. Below is the screenshot of my workflow:

May i know how can i fix the error in this case? Basically what i trying to do at this step is asking Uipath to read the excel data and copy it into the web application.

Many thanks.

Change row(0).tostring to CurrentRow(0).tostring



Hi @prasath_S

Amazing it work perfectly.

Thanks a lot for the help

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