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Main.xaml (49.0 KB)
Process.xaml (6.6 KB)
CloseAllApplications.xaml (4.7 KB) GetAppCredentials.xaml (13.3 KB) GetTransactionData.xaml (11.9 KB) InitAllApplications.xaml (5.1 KB) InitAllSettings.xaml (17.6 KB) KillAllProcesses.xaml (4.7 KB) SetTransactionStatus.xaml (56.3 KB) TakeScreenshot.xaml (8.6 KB) project.json (311 Bytes)


It worked. I adapted your example on one of my projects and it helped a lot!


Hi @loginerror ,

I am trying the create the Framework using xaml’s you have attached,and I am facing issue in process.xaml as below:

Appreciate your help!

Hello @RajeshT

In the process.xaml, when calling it, are you passing the value process.xaml through in_transactionItem? I think that argument assigning is not properly done…

Hi @Lahiru.Fernando ,

Thank you for the response,I am new to Reframework.Could you please check the Process.xaml and correct it where I am missing the arguments.
Process.xaml (5.8 KB)


Only the process.xaml will not be enough for this because the arguments are passed from a different xaml file. Will you be able to share the full solution so that I can have a look?

Hi @Lahiru.Fernando,

Here i have attached total Reframework structure. (505.5 KB)

How do we iterate through multiple file in input folder in RE Framework?
INIT state: I am Read the Outlook mails which has .csv attachments and Storing into an Input folder as below:

I need to iterate to each file and process each Item in SAP Application and Add status column and Update the Status for each item based on Business rule and save the file into Output folder with Status per transaction processed.(this Process should be performed for each file in the Input folder and move the file to the Processed folder once items are processed.

In the Config file example, the Name is InputFile, and the Value is ‘Data/Input/Input.xlsx’.
However, in the If activity, Read Range Activity points to in_Config(“InputList”).ToString.

My question is, what is InputList? Shouldn’t it be InputFile? Am I missing something?


I just downloaded the zip example file, and indeed the config file has a Name of InputList and not InputFile. I guess it was just a typo in the image that was posted.



I have a scenario: Lets say i have multiple VMs running consuming Queue items, Once all the transactions are completed by any VM finally it should send out an status email alert.

Can someone suggest where do i implement this, how?