Reformat (print) PDF

Hello - I have an invoice in PDF format. I am trying to run through an OCR engine for the Document Understanding process. The issue is that when the invoice is selected the bot can’t seem to understand identify certain fields within the PDF. The solution I found is that when I print the PDF to Microsoft PDF it seems to format the PDF differently and the bot can now see all fields.

My question is does anyone know how I could reformat the PDF my printing it to PDF again in the back end instead of opening each PDF to have the bot print it manually

@Cormac - You can try with UiAutomation and convert that PDF first and then pass it to DU.

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Do you mean convert the PDF to PDF? Is there a certain activity for that?

@Cormac - If i am not wrong, there is no activity available for that. So you can try using UiAutomation and follow the steps like how you do manually …and convert that pdf to microsoft pdf.