Reference Excel Schedule as part of a Process

I am developing an RPA where my team will be on a scheduled rotation. How do I configure the BOT to send SMS based on a schedule developed in excel?

@jgarcia1, Hi and welcome to the community, for start you can use a read range activity to read your excel file and then you would set your logic o send emails based on names from the excel. i need more details to be able to advise better.


I have a team schedule with the below columns in Excel. The end outcome I need is if today (now) falls within the Start and End date it will utilize the contact phone number to send a sms via Twilio.

I was debating if it is better to have each and every day listed out or to do a weekly range like below. For instance, below would return and send an sms to 555-555-5555 since today falls between the date range of 6/1/2020 – 6/7/2020.

Note: below names and numbers are not actual people or phone numbers but are for referencing and testing purposes only.