How to access the variable created in Init from Process Transaction state in RE Framework

I have created the variable with name StockValue and i want to use same variable from Process Transaction state, the variable scope i already selected as General Business Process but still i cant access it from Process Transaction state.

Can some please help me to correct it.

Please change it as a Argument inorder to access it in every states…


Hi @vaibhav2.chavan

Use as a argument(out) and wherever you need just import(in) and use it instead of a variable.

–in Process Transaction State along the xaml where we want to use this variable, create a ARGUMENT with IN direction like this in_StockValue in the arguments panel (next to variable panel)
–now while invoking that workflow here in MAIN.xaml click on import arguments option and that IN argument will get displayed along the list…
now assign this variable StockValue as input value to that IN argument

–so that it will be used in that xaml

Cheers @vaibhav2.chavan


Hi @Palaniyappan, How can I use variable created in process transaction throughout the ReFramework?

If we are going to use that variable created in process transaction state and going to use only within that state then we can create variables
If we want to use that in other states or workflows We need to create a argument instead of variable with OUT direction

Cheers @saili

@Palaniyappan, I did that but no luck. once it is out of process.xaml the variable gets null.

Yah if we want to use the variable outside the xaml then we need to use ARGUMENTS not variable
Cheers @saili

Hi @saili did it works ? by using @Palaniyappan logic

hi @Palaniyappan i am too facing this issue ,

for eg: in Process state i have an argument like out_Value=“True”,
in import argument i am assigning a string variable like out_Value=str_Value
But issue is while coming to str_Value, it should be “True” but i am getting null value

Hi @vaibhav2.chavan @mohamed_Aleem,

1 point to note here is that scope for Process state and process.xaml file is different.

When you set scope to general business process in Main, that means that variable will be available in process state but to be able to use that in process.xaml, you require to pass that variable as in-argument to process.xaml for use.

Refer screenshot below for more clarity.

Also, I am attaching re-framework documentation, this will help you understand in detail the working of re-framework.
REFramework documentation.pdf (507.8 KB)

Hope this answers your question.