Recording screen has problem

First time I use Recording desktop. it can do smootly but for next time some task in Recording desktop doesn’t work. screenshot in attach


Please advise how to resolve this problem

Welcome to uipath community
It seems like the selector is showing as invalid
If the element been chosen is not live that is not opened in foreground then it will show like this
Or if the selector itself is not valid then also it would show like that

May I know what is the exact issue here with respect to recording, buddy
Cheers @chairat

Hi Palaniyappan,
I facing this problem many time. for example.
1 st day : I use Recording Desktop activity. for download file form google drive. (File → Download → Microsoft Excel)
It can run and can get file.
2 nd day : I run this project again but it shown that error. (don’t change anything)