Recording videos showing off UIPath - Error

Hi all,

Might be a common issue, but seems like screen recording is an issue when using UIPath. I mean recording your desktop which has a program being automated on it, not the macro/destop/web recorder used to create automations…

I need to record a video to illustrate to people how ‘robots’ and RPA works. However, everytime I try to record a video, the process is affected because the bot can seem to find identifiers or selectors (like the recording tool is placing a layer on top which the bot cant see through).

Does anyone have any work arounds that could solve this, or use a screen recording tool that works? Im automating a browser application, this is what gets affected by the recording tool

Any help or insight would be much appreciated!

So far, i have used 2 tools to record videos and none of them have interfered with UiPath

  1. Microsoft expression encoder
  2. Flasback Express Recorder

Both are free to use. But you’ll have to check for corporate policies if you’re in one.


I played around a bit with recording the robot running and found that FFmpeg is a good choice. If you download the static linked version all you need to do is copy the ffmpeg.exe somewhere on your system and start it with the right attributes.
Sample activity that does that for you is enclosed.
ScreenRecorder.1.0.6938.24450.nupkg (10.7 KB)

Thanks for the suggestions all - I found that if you try recording the screen whilst having ‘Wait Visible’ active within the ‘Find Element’ activity, the recording software prevents the Element from being recognised by UIPath.

I’m sure there’s a reason for this, but for now, just deactivated ‘Wait Visible’ - all good now!

What software are you using to record?

Microsoft Expression Encoder - works well

I use OBS and never had any issue.

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