Recording, pop-up doesn't appeared(maybe... doesn't stayed)

I want to make automation process, so I used recording.
But When I use recording, pop-up doesn’t appeared.
I can only scrap the first action, and I can’t scrap next actions.

If I use ‘click’ activity, pop-up appears well.
But pop-up isn’t permanent so when cursor moves to another place, pop-up disappeared.
How can I record click activities continuously?


you can use “hover” activity to simulate the movement of the mouse on the popup, so it won’t disappear.
Also in order to spy the popup you can press F2 and click, so you can proceed to spy the element after the click is done.


hello I used F2, but after 3second pop-up closed automatically…


try this steps:

  • Open the Spy activity
  • Press F2 in order to start the timeout
  • Go on the element and press the left mouse button and keep it pressed since the timeout is over
  • Unpress the button and you should be able to spy the element.

See this answer for more details

How to click the item of Drop-down box - Help - UiPath Community Forum

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