Not able to automate activities in popup in web application

Hi , I have a web application which involves recording activities in pop up. The pop up contains textbox and textarea. How do I activate the pop up and record the activities(entering the text…)? I have tried pressing F2 but it is not recording the acivities.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


I assume by popup you mean that a menu shows up when you hover a link.

When you choose to indicate the element with your Element activities such as Click or TypeInto, does it let you pause the selection when you press F2? So pressing F2 should work after you select your Element activity and choose to indicate the element, and pauses the selection so you can hover over the link.

If you are having trouble with that, I have also found that using UiExplorer to select the element lets F2 and F3 work better.

Hope that helps.