Recorder unresponsive


Hi people,

When doing a VERY basic recording (as in entering text in an open instance of Windows Notepad, after clicking the text entry area and typing my text, and then hitting , noting happens. If i taskswitch to the recorder application, it says “is not responding”, but then after about 30 seconds, it comes back to life. No text is entered in Notepad however.

I am running a Stable release, v2017.1.6309 on Windows 7 64-bit enterprise.



“in entering text in an open instance of Windows Notepad” how will robot come to know where it should write…?? can you try to open the file through send hot key and then try to write into the file…?? and if you want to continue the same can you check the selector of that Type into activity…??


When using the recorder, first I highlight the text area in notepad, and I am prompted to type the text I want to enter. I am following the very most basic tutorial I could find.


Go to Recording->select basic recording-> click on Type dropdown select Send hotkey-> it will ask screen to indicate click on taskBar you will get an option to send the keys with pop up select windows and type r into text area click on OK.
this will open your run command window. now select type again and (copy the text/note pad path along with extension) write that complete path of the file in run command select empty field option and select enter(this will open the notepad your are trying to write), then click on type try to write into the text area.

if you want to pause anywhere you can right click or use ESC key to pause the recording and continue. this will work.


I appreciate that you are leading me on this step-by-step journey, but I need to be able to record actions as per the tutorial vidoes. Right now, that is just not working properly, and that’s a problem when evaluating this software for future production use. I am not trying to get an actual task performed, just trying to get the software to work as promised, so I honestly appreciate how helpful you are, but it’s just nok what I’m trying to do :slight_smile:




Why you are not considering the Latest stable release?
Well i do not have that version you have so can not recreate that scenario but it should work.

@Gabriel_Tatu can say more about on this.

Will you confirm from other profiles like Desktop Recording also you are getting the same? @jjes



hi jjes
the version you are using for testing/evaluation is not a release, its a beta version. it might have issues, although i can`t reproduce, so its a problem in your test environment.
have you tried with different applications, except notepad? same steps of course.


I have now gotten the latest release. Things are better, still a bit shaky, but I’ll attribute that to me being new to the tool. But it’s definately better. :slight_smile:


ok, great. let us know how its going :slight_smile: