Basic Recording, Type into not working during automated recording

I am using UiPath Studio version 2022.4.3 in windows 11 OS
Classic mode basic recording, automated recording when click on text area of notepad not able to the popup to write something into the notepad
Could you please somebody help me what is the problem how can i resolve the problem
Thanks in advance with anticipating

Hey @Rakesh_Rak

Once you click the same should work.

Could you please show some snaps or a small gif recording of what you are trying to do ?


Are you getting any selector error?

Hello @Rakesh_Rak

Welcome to UiPath community…!

I hope you are trying to write something in the notepad application. sO while recording are you getting any issue?

Initially with the recorder it will take the application for the scope, then you can inspect on the typing space to enter the details.

Else you can try with App/web recorder as well.

Here when i am clicking on the text area the popup has to open .But the popup is not opening

i have provided the screenshot .Actually when iam clicking on the notepad while recording the popup has to open to write something but it is not opening

@Rakesh_Rak Try this

  1. Open application activity- Select the notepad
  2. Drag the type into activity- pass the value you need

Okay right, your version of tool ?

UiPath Studio version 2022.4.3 in windows 11 OS

Let me try this once please to confirm if that’s a bug and update you back.

Were you able to find the solution?