Integrate to RBA

Hello all
so i have a process that include form and drop down list , my question is can i create another robot and record the first process ?
in another world can i create a RPA , record it and use it in another RPA


I don’t really get what you want " can i create another robot and record the first process ?"

But you can create a RPA(Process A), and using it(Process A) in another RPA(Process B) by Invoke workflow.

i didn’t mean that

i mean can i record a process that have form
like letting the RPA choose one of the option in drop don list

I’ve not done this before, but the answer is yes.

You only need just using Activity “Select Item”.
Also you can modified the option which you want robot click in UI Explorer.

do you have any references or example?

hi @dana_nafez,

So if I understand it correctly - you have this screen and you want to automate a part of it - Then you want to use the automation created in different Robot ?

  1. we can Create a sequence and put all the steps of automation here … lets call it Data.xaml.
  2. Now we can use Invoke workflow activity and pass the Data.xaml .

Lets say - we publish the Process having Data.xaml to orchestrator and want to invoke that process my my new Process.
I can use Invoke Process and pass the Process Name.


Hello @mukeshkala
thank you for you help ,but what i mean that can i record a screen inside uipath studio ?
or automate robot inside robot ?

Means that i have form.xaml and Data.xmal
form.xmal have a drop down list

can i make Data.xmal choose one of the item in dropdown list Automatically?