How to use click text activity with fulltext method

Hi everyone,

I am a beginner in uipath.
Now I am researching how to use Click Text activity to click a button on a web page.
I used record function to do this. The order is: Recording -> Web -> Text -> Mouse -> Click.
And I clicked on the element I want to click on. Then the Screen Scraper Wizard was shown with two methods, they are Native and OCR. But both of them can’t recognize the text on the element I clicked before. When I use the Screen Scraping function to get text from that element, I realize that only the FullText method can recognize the text, because that text is hidden text.
So, I wonder why Click Text doesn’t support Fulltext method?
And Is there any way to use click text with web page application?

Thanks and best Regards,
Hoang Anh.

Click text searches for an indicated uielement and click on it.
String to be clicked will placed in quotation while scraping
Fulltext will not support to extract the text position.
Only Native and OCR supports to extract the text position


Hi @Girish,

I did as you said but it throws an exception “Text was not found”. The reason I guess is that Click Text activity can not recognize the text on uielement with Native or OCR method. When I use Screen Scraping, only FullText can recognize the text successfully. But the Click Text activity doesn’t support FullText method. So It fails to find that text to click on. That why It throws that exception.

Best Regards,
Hoang Anh.

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Hi @anhth15,

Actually click text used for the citrix based applications to click on the particular text using text position.
If your purpose is to click on particular text in web application, what is the point of scraping the text using full text method and clicking on it, rather you can click on that text directly using “Click” activity.

If you are working on scraping the whole text then clicking on it, you can use either google OCR or MS OCR and try changing the scale while scraping you will get good results.
If you are working on web application try and using google OCR with different scaling and scrape and once you scrape use “Click text” activity.


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Hi @Girish,

Thank you so much for your detail explanation.
I tried Click Text activity with OCR method and It successfully recognize the text, click on the button which contains that text.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Hoang Anh.

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Hello @Girish

I want to click on particular list /menu item after checking if text available
Please guide