Recommended browser as of November 2021?

Which browser is the recommended one today?

Edge, Chrome or Firefox?

Is Microsoft Edge going to be the new standard?

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I would recommend Edge or Chrome browser. Sometimes it also depends on the application you are using.

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I believe and I have seen most of organisation have Edge as their default browser and even the company page works fine with edge, as it is evolution of INTERNET EXPLORER and works with their policies
Only then chrome comes into picture

In terms of UiPath we have extensions for all the browser Edge, chrome and Firefox

So to go in the order of preference

  1. Edge
  2. Chrome
  3. FireFox

And ensure extension is installed. Only then the above web application works with UiPath

Cheers @atomic

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Do you have any further queries on this topic

Cheers @atomic

No, thank you.

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