Recomended tool to record videos of UiPath robots running




We are trying to record a video of one robot working. The end to end process is running perfectly. If we try to record the video (we have tried with skype sharing desktops, and even with camtasia video recorder), when it is going to send the user name to the SAP login GUI, it is not recognizing and the process finish with error (doesn’t find the selector).
I have seen this problem before with other RPA tool, but in this case sharing desktop using webex. It looks like there is an additiona layer. Runing directly, itr works. Running presenting the screen (skype or webex), or recording the screen, it fails in some steps (I have seen in all cases the error is sending text to text boxes).
Is there any recomended tool or recording mode to run the robots and don’t have the need to update them? Which tool is used to record the UiPath videos and demos?
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You can also use PowerPoint(easy to use) to record your screen.

Open Power Point
Add a blank slide
Go to Insert Tab
Select “Screen Recording” in top left most corner
Start recording
You can runt the recording in ppt itself or convert to mp4 or any other format you want

You can record the screen with audio as well.

Try this and let me know if this works.


Hi Madhavi,

Thanks for this really interesting advice. I will try on monday. Unfortunatelly I believe I wil have to rework some robot parts. I was reading another post mentioning about potential solution. Adding new “capture window” and placing the tasks inside. I tried on the part where robot insert the user and pwd and it worked. But I will try this first and will let you know.

Thanks again!


I am trying to record with microsoft power point but some selectors doesn’t work.

Do you know witch parts should I edit?

Thank you very much!!


Hi, the recording software I’ve used is Bandicam and VideoSolo Screen Recorder. Both of them are good, but I am in favor of VideoSolo Screen Recorder because I like its intuitive interface and no errors occur during several times I used.


I can’t agree with @ivylamb more! I used to do the recording with OBS, which is a free open source recorder. But I gave up using it because it occasionally fails and I can’t tolerate its terrible interface any more.

Then my friend suggested me use VideoSolo Screen Recorder. It hooks me up immediately. Then I bought its pro version and it works fine in my every recording.


Hi Madhavi,

I saw your answer and I agree. This is what I had to do also based on another posts. I believe the problem is not with the video recording, it is about how robots was created. It is very important to “capture windows” to avoid future problems.

Thanks for your advide. And thanks to the rest of the people that answer to my post!


Hi, check this out @nSangui @pgm