Reasons for Simulate Type not to work?

Hi guys,

I’m trying to speed up a workflow by selecting Simulate Type in a Type Into activity. However, when I do that it suddenly doesn’t type anything into the required field. I’ve seen this before on multiple occasions and was wondering what reasons there might be, and how to fix it?

The workflow is for the RPA Challenge I’ve already gotten 100%, but just want to speed it up. Workflow is attached below.


Main.xaml (14.5 KB)

I have encountered same problems, but I have been unable to detect a certain pattern in the behavior.
I have not seen this challenge before, however I am eager to know, if your program is running smoothly. As I see it, the aaname selector for each of the input boxes does not match the aaname for the box with the name attached (The box with the text First Name is named aaname = First Name, but the input box for it, has a random name, like Zkp5M). And I do not see how your program handles that?

Hi @stevengoehler, it works because I did not just select the input field, but I selected the parent field which has the aaname of the column. Then I use a click activity with a little nudge to the right of the center to select the input field :slight_smile: So far it’s been 100% accurate, while clicking in the exact center isn’t always accurate.

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That did indeed do the trick :slight_smile:
57541 ms without Simulate click

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@stevengoehler Nice :slight_smile: But I’ve seen people reach times up to 1700 ms, would be cool to get it as fast!

Still curious if anyone knows why the Simulate Type selection sometimes fails, it would be nice to know the logic behind it.

Wow! I don’t even think I could click the submit button ten times in two seconds :smiley: