Real life Projects - Beginner

Hello Everyone,

I have completed Uipath training. However I don’t have opportunity to use it in my work. Though I simulate scenarios like web scraping projects, outlook and data entry etc, can you please help me on how can I try to do more projects? Is there any list of exercises that are available public that can be done?

Basically I am trying to expose myself to more complex projects and real life scenarios. Though I define my own requirements and do certain projects, I would like to know from you people as well


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Have you down the advanced training yet? I’d recommend to get familiar with the REFramework as that’s what I use during the day-to-day.

Have a look at the examples here There are some you could do with other products. For example Scheduler - Robot Pack uses Chrome and Gmail but you might want to use Edge and Outlook. There are 10 robots in the robot pack so at least one should give you something useful.