Anyone is working on live projects in uipath?


Please explain little bit scenario or working of any project just get an idea.
So that we can practice more.

What industry are you in?

I am working in IT, but works for banking clients.

Hi nsharma,

You can can take any project for automation using UiPath.
These are some of the proects for your ready reference:
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Welcome. …

How to do–> You need to plan such way that:

  1. You need to read the data from excel;
  2. Your workflows will need to driven by Excel input data…
  3. Need to divide the workflows into various .xaml files
  4. Call the reusable components when ever you required.
  5. When you execution workflows executing successfully then associate your credentials into the Orchesrator under Re_Frameworks


If you r untested then I am conducting training and project organization also. Further information you can see