Important activities and project scenarios to learn UiPath

hi all

i am just starting learning uipath . i need your guide on below topics.

  1. there 400+ activities are in Uipath . what are the important topics to gain hands on uipath.
  2. Can any one please share real time project scenarios .
  3. what is best practice for uipath

it would be great if any one guide me on this.


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Welcome to UiPath community forum.

There is one place to know all Academy training. :slight_smile:

For more:

Happy automation ,
cheers. :slight_smile:


Thanks @ddpadil for your help.

just a quick question about uipath practice. can you please guide me what is the best practice for uipath like what kind of real time scenarios are needs to practice to gain uipath experience . if you have please provide sample scenarios.

sorry for asking same question again again.


Check challenges subforum. Especially the one with 4 processes to do is as close you can get without actually being on a project.

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