Need help in passing an excel cell value into a "type-into" field


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I want to create a bot which picks values from excel sheet & passes it onto a ‘Type-Into’ activity
Need help in passing a cell value into a “type-into” field. The bot keeps sending ‘data table’ value instead of cell value.

I am using activities, Read Range (to open excel sheet), While loop, Type - into activity, send hotkey(to press enter) , assign activity to increase count value.

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it looks like you are trying to loop over the datatable rows and want to enter a current loop column value.

We would recommend to use for each row activitiy instead and row(ColNameOrIndex).toString

pass in



use For Each Row activity, pass in CurrentRow(ColumnName).toString

do I need to declare ‘columnName’ before it’s use here?

I am getting the below error,
Main_with_excel.xaml: Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression “dataTableOutput.Rows(rowNumber)(columnName).ToString”.
‘columnName’ is not declared. It may be inaccessible due to its protection level.


replace columnName with your own column

e.g. if you want to type the column called “Price”
then it will be

also note if you use for each row instead of while loop, you can avoid maintaining a rowNumber variable

Hello @Aneet ,

As per my understanding you are looping through the set of data from the excel and you need to pass the value of a column to TypeInto activity. Is this correct?

Then you can do as below.
1)Use excel activity.
2)Read range activity and you will get the output to a DataTable
3)Use For Each Row in DataTable activity.
4) Use typeinto activity and inside the value type. (CurrentRow(0).ToString). This will print the values from the first column.

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