Reading xlsx file

After reading xlsx file is display ‘Workflow Exception’ What there can be a reason of such behavior?

your sheet name is different .check it in your excel :slight_smile:



I get this error by checking the steps in the video.

Tell me where the names should match?

The sheet you are tying to access in the Read Range activity “Sheet1” isn’t in the workbook you are opening - change “Sheet1” to the sheet name you want to get the data from. Also, in the range field have either “” or a valid Excel range e.g. “A1:G500”.

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I realized where I was wrong! Thanks for the help!

hey @Tesla

Well in future if you wanna avoid such mistakes better to get sheet names from excel so insted of mentioned name it will get the sheet position mentioned by you even the name will be anything.

To get More clarity on this , check out with below references for you :slight_smile:

How to read sheet name of an excel file

Get Sheet name in the case there is only 1 sheet

In case of Any doubt or Query, Feel Free to reach me :slight_smile:


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