There isnt a worksheet named... Error


When I tried to read a cell value from a Worksheet using Read Cell Activity I am getting the above error.
My Workbook, Sheet and Range do exist. I am sure about it.

I dont know why it says ‘[106]INPUT’ . My Workbook name is something else.


Has anyone encountered this before?

‘[106]INPUT’ seems to be sheet name that is coming up from the variable ‘strPublicComparableCompaniesSheet’. Are you saying that its not the sheet that your workbook has? In that case, you may be mapping an incorrect variable.

If that sheet exists then try to compare the value from the variable and the sheet name, you may need to trim any extra spaces.

Rammohan B.


No idea where that string ‘[106]INPUT’ comes from.!

I tried giving a wrong Sheetname


still same error

Hi Anandhu,

Is it possible to share the workflow file? I’ve tried recreating this error using a couple of sheet names and can’t seem to.


Hi jcb,

Sorry I cant share the workflow.

But I did some research and it seems like some issue with the Excel File that i was accessing.
I tried to write data in to cell using excel application scope and it worked but it wiped out the entire sheet before writing the value. weird!.

Found a similar topic on this page :

Seems a Bug, I face the same.

Same here, the worksheet name is correct but UiPath does not find or recognize it. Has this bug been fixed?

Hi all,

I had a similar issue, where the robot was crashing and returning a similar error whenever it tried to run a “Write Range” activity. The “Read Range” one was working just fine. Same file.
After hours of troubleshooting I found that the issue was a pivot table that was referencing the sheet from the error message (the one that I was trying to add data in).
The pivot was working just fine when I went into Excel so not sure what was the problem.
Perhaps it’s bug in the system.

I ended doing a workaround. I created an Excel Macro for that small part in the process and added a “Execute Macro” activity in my sequence.

Hope this helps…