Read Range error, not reading the workbook

Hi everyone please assist here

I am trying to read the workbook using read range activity but it gives me this error above when I run it.

Here is the file name:
Here is the workbook name:

Please help what am I doing wrong

Hi @Anelisa_Bolosha

Instead of writing “.xls” try writing FileName+“.xlsx”. It might work and the file may be of extension .xlsx. Try passing the correct Sheet Name also.

Hope this works!!



It is the filename, but in the read range activity you need to pass the sheet name. Open the workbook and get the sheetname. Then try with that in the read range


I guess there is a space after 202305 in the excel sheet…please check the same…if yes either remove space or add space in the sheetname field in ReadRange


The file I am trying to read is in .xls

@Anelisa_Bolosha Can you please share the workflow so that it would be easy to sort out error.


Do you have the screenshot for this example please

Hi @Anelisa_Bolosha

I have uploaded the workflow and Sample excel for your reference.
Main.xaml (10.0 KB)
User Login Access Report 20230511.xls (24.5 KB)

Hope it helps!!


User Login Access Report 20230511.xls (10.0 KB)
MainV6 - Copy.xaml (23.5 KB)

I have removed the space, because there is space in the naming but still

@Anelisa_Bolosha Try giving the full file Path in the FileName variable.


It works! Thank you so much :blush: :100:

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