Reading value from another application

Hello Dear Community,

I am trying to automatize a process. It should transfer/move some pdf, tiff files from some location to a server folder location.
The RPA should decides with some certain values.
To that, It needs to read a certain value from a certain another application and compares it something.

I created the RPA, its opening the related application but I couldn’t make it to read the value and compare it.

Could you pls give me some tipps to try?


Hi @Saltukhan_Dura,

Welcome to the community! Can you please provide some more info on the error you are getting?


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Hi zspilman,

Thank you.

I am stucked on a RPA app step.
The app should read the date of each entry in a table( which is in another application) and if its today then it should continue with process. I know how to do the process but can’t solve the reading of each entry/row date.

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Hey @Saltukhan_Dura,

Where is said table? Is it on a website? .csv file?


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Hello zspilman,

Thanks for asking again. I learnt that that tool has some difficulties to cooperate with UIPath.
I have updated the process.
I will run the process through SAP system.

Thanks for support.