How can UiPath read information from excel and put in a Java software?

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I’m trying to develop a robot that read cell by cell in a excel workbook, and each time it reads the cell, the information inside that has to be putted in a java software, in a specific place. Example, the excel has a first column named “coins” and also the software has this column. The robot has to read each cell of the first column in the excel, read the column in software and if they match (if the coin name is the same), the robot has to read the value corresponding to the coin, that appears in the second column of the excel, and put the value in the second column of the software. How can i do all of this?
In this software isn’t possible to integrate the excel directly in there, and the info in the software can’t be read as a datatable.

Can anyone help me PLEASE?

@Ana_Soares You saying excel has two columns(Coins , rate) and ur application contains data(value) which is present in Coins column of excel, Based on value in ur application we have to get data 2nd column of excel and insert into ur application. Is it correct?

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If you see the pictures, one is the excel and the other is the Java software. The robot has to identify the coin “moeda” in the excel and compare in the software the “moeda”. If they are the same (example AED), the robot has to copy the value in “compra” of the java software and put it in the column "compra"of excel, (example: 4.1407300). And the same for “venda”. The table in java software can’t be read as a table.

Can you tell me how to do this in UiPath?
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@Ana_Soares In ur case u have make use of selectors and there might be other ways also i am not sure about how to do it. U have to wait for others help, hope for the help from others.