How to read each cell in a range and then type it into an app



Hi all

I want RPA to read each cell in a range, memorize its value then open a second app and enter each value from excel into a each typing field( one for one) in a newly opened app.




  1. Read Excel using Read Rangeactivity and output it to datatable.
  2. Use For each row to loop through datatable.
  3. Inside the body of for each row activity use type into to enter the values in the app/software. You can access them with reference to column name if not with index. Example : row(“column name”) or row(“column0”)

Important Note there are many samples in forum you can refer those also we do have Uipath Academy. kindly go through those tutorials and forum for reference.

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can you share this task xmal files or share to my




Thank you all. I have solved my problem…I had my order in which RPA reads code mixed up so I have rearrange it and it works now.

I can send the example if someone have similar problem.

Thank you all