Reading QR Code Issues

I am using “QR Read from path” activity which is available under the package “Uipath.QRCodeLib.Activities” to read the QR code from PDF(Always QR code is in 1st Page). But the success rate is just 50% and most of the times Bot is failing to read values from it. Its getting null result. It might be due to quality of PDF. But when we test by scanning with phone, we are getting results.

Is they any other way to get better results?

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Hi, welcome to the forum!

I haven’t used this activity package yet, but I’m guessing it is using OCR to look at the QR-code on the (scanned) PDF file.
In my experience with OCR, you should test around with different “Scale” properties to find what setting works best for your use case.

Hope this helps


its not OCR. I am reading QR code from an Image by the help of QR read from path activity.

Hi @Nataraj_RPA did you find any solution?.. I also encountered with same scenario…but no solution