How to Read QR Codes From PDF Files

Hi Friends,
I want to read QR codes from a pdf file and save that QR codes URL into excel file. I do not know how to do this

Hi @Nand_Kishor: can you try the following steps:

  1. Extract images from PDF using UiPath PDF activities here:
  2. Once you’ve extracted the images, try reading them one by one to create a list of valid QR codes using
  3. Once you have that, can create a template Excel file and we can insert images to it, formatting it in a specific way, with values, QR code and links etc.

I would suggest you please experiment with the steps above, if you face issues, please get back to me. Thanks

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I will try and get back to you , Thank you

Only collect all images from PDF but i can not move to next step , even i can not read one qr code with help of "QR Read From Image ".

Use “Read QR Code from Path” and pass your saved image path to this activity. I have done it in one of my projects and it worked fine.

Thank you now one QR code read but i have multi-pal qr code in pdf and i still looking for solution

, This is for i qr code and it is working well …

You need to write a small logic
Keep it in loop and pass filenames dynamically and save qrCode values in an array.

It will work definitely.

Guys, anymore advice on how to read qr codes from pdf? I mean if I put extract images from pfd, ok, i did this, but then how do you point the qr code to the qr code reader activity. What I am saying is I get this error saying that this is not in the right image format. Like, if somebody has time to write a little more specifically what are you supposed to do step by step, it would be greatly appreciated. Cause I can not find many cases or advice on qr codes reading not here or anywhere online.