Reading a scanned file PDF (instead of reading PDF)

Hi - my current workflow is designed to read PDF but the problem is, the PDF is scanned so it is not working. What should I include instead of the “Read PDF function” as shown in the image below:


A first shift could be using the Read PDF With OCR Activity

But keep in mind: Depending on the quality and some other factors the OCR extraction result can be of high or low quality

Thank Peter, how do I exactly add the OCR activity in the workflow?


use -> "read pdf with ocr " activity and ocr engine i.e microssoft ocr or tesseract ocr

Drag the activity to your workflow:

Filter for the OCR engines

Drag the one of your choice and make some RnD on the settings

Also have a look on some relevant courses from the UiPath Academy

This is so helpful. Do I have to change anything here?

we do some sample runs and we play with the parameters for getting the best results. Just explore what best setting will work for your case. Sure, the Language setting is highly recommended

Do I need to download something in UiPath for the Microsoft OCR? It does not work

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