Reading or writing to particular cell in excel

Hi, I have a filtered data table from excel. I need to input data to the particular cell of rows in excel sheet using the filtered data table. Can I get an idea for this!!?

Ex: Datable is [Name,EmpID,Email,Period,Salary,Status
Bharath,QI017,,Feb 2018,1000000
Jason,QI999,,Mar 2018,600000
Khasim,QI014,,Feb 2018,10000

I need to write on a cell of only these 3 rows of all the rows available in excel sheet. Please help me.

Hi ppl, are there any logic or activities to read or write cells in excel using Column name and row number, !? It would be really great if i get solution for this

@BharathOliver In the read range activity give staring and ending cell range which you want to read

I appreciate your reply, my requirement is to find the only cell, based on known column name and input under some other column name in same row.Requirement