Write into specific cell in an excel sheet

I have an excel sheet.PAKISTAN CHILDERNS HEART FOUNDATION.xlsx (39.7 KB)
I am retrieving a specific name from a pdf file. I am comparing that name form the names in the excel sheets if it is present then I want to change the usage charges only of that person.
How should I do this.
Extract_PDF.xaml (24.2 KB)
This is my workflow so far.

You can use Read Range and with the datatable you will use Lookup DataTable to find that row you want to change a cell of, after you discover which row index you need, you can use assign activity like this: myDataTable.Rows(IndexFromLookup)("ColumnName") = MyNewValue

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I tried that but could not get it right if you can send me a sample. It will be really helpful.

You can also use Write Cell activity to update the value after successfully getting the rowIndex.
Just add 2 to the row number if AddHeaders is checked. in the Read Range.


Please note that column ā€œEā€ represents the charges column.

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Thanks man I will try it out