Reading column in a excel with speciifc column headings,

How to read a particular column like my excel will have many columns example name, height , so the bot has to pick data from excel under the same column headers and replace the same in a word file under the same category…any idea on this?

Hey @shreyaank,

As long as picking values from a specific column goes, you get use read range and then use a for each row to iterate through the data table, inside that if you write row(“Column_Name”) ,it will give you the particular column value in that row.

Also you could refer to this link to copy the data from excel to word!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you! I just needed the approach to get the value of last non-empty cell in a particular column. Can you help on this?
I have given the Sheet name, and coulmn name A1 but unsure of getting the last non empty cell under the same column?

You mean to say you only want the last column value? not the whole column?

Hi if you want just last non-empty cell from a particular column you can use this workflow:
ExcelDiffColumns.xaml (6.7 KB)
Also if you know how many elements are there in the column then you can simply use a read cell activity, if not then use this approach!


Niket Ghai

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