Pick data from excel and paste in word


Can anyone please let me know the procedure on how can i pick data from excel and paste it into a word format.
I have 3 columns in the excel, lets say:
Now, I have to pick the FirstName from the excel and paste it in the word document. How can i work with the selection procedure?

May not be the best way,but here it is.

Read first name column using read range and keep it in data table.Iterate the data table in for each loop and paste it one by one or all at once.

You don’t have to explicitly open excel here, just word doc.

How to include the “Find” functionality in the same?
For instance I have to search the text “FirstName” and then select the value corresponding to FirstName and paste in it word.

You can use UiPath.Word.Activities “replace text” activity

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Have you gone through the Excel training in the training materials? All is there , you will soon get the ideas and dealing with data :slight_smile:

You even don’t have to open explicitly word doc as well just use “Word Application Scope” activity i.e. same like “Excel Application Scope” Activity.

You can easily see the available activities under that category like all available activities for word will be available under Word category and so on(Just make sure you have installed that package from package manager first). for activities guide -

Activities Guide


SideNote- Replace text activity in word is case insensitive.

For your guidance here review this sample workflow. as @vvaidya suggested… it is basic approach and good one as well.
SampleWord.xaml (10.3 KB)

Let me know, if you need any help on this and any doubt if you have?



@aksh1yadav I realised we can use Word Application scope in my 2nd post. Thanks for helping out!

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