ReadHandwrittenText Activity- Help

Hi can anyone help me into this Please.

Read Handwritten Text: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

When i am running the Process first time, the read handwritten activity working properly,but when it is continuing on loop, like on first loop it is executed then it close the browser opened the loop again and then when it taking the SS ,saving that and then Readtext property is failing by throwing this exception.

This is the Screenshot of my Process.

Can anyone help me in this,Please. Thankyou in advance

Hand written text will be read by IOCR (Intelligent OCR) activity. Normal OCR will not work.
Please share your xaml… with image… so that community can help…

i am using Computer vision Cognitive services,and it is working fine on first attempt,but in second attempt it fails.

put delay for each iteration. make sure you give enough delay to ready and convert to the activity. (44.8 KB)

Please find this Xaml file.And provide the solution Asap Please.
Thankyou in advance.