Microsoft Read Handwriteen Text Error on Second Iteration

Hello, I’ve created a process to login into a Bank Account, but the login requires the user to solve a Captcha. I’ve come to a solution using Microsoft Vision Activities and almost reliably managed to solve the Captcha with Azure CV resource.
The problem arises when the robot fails to solve the captcha on the first try and has to retry again. An error occurs on the second iteration of the loop when it tries to solve the new captcha and throws an error in the read handritten text activity:

Object Reference not set to an instance of an object

It’s a strange error since in the first iteration doesn’t have any problems.
Here are some of the screenshots of the process to help you visualize:

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Hi @Lukeencinas
this error mean that maybe you are using variable or argument and the value of them is null please revisit also can you describe al used steps and if you can share your xmal it will be great.