Read handwritten text

Friends, I need to read documents that are written by hand, I am using Handwriting Detection activity and using a Message Box to get the feedback. And it has worked well, but some lyrics are wrong. Is there any way to improve this? I need the text exactly as it is written.

The Google Cloud OCR and Microsoft Azure OCR engines have provided the best results for me.

As OCR is not 100% accurate you will have to implement some sort of Business Exception fallback into your robot for cases where the data could not be read correctly.

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Got it, thanks! And for cases where there is a checkbox, how do I recognize what is filled in? Using this same activity I didn’t have a good result

I think for that, you will have to test things, if those are also made by hand, it can be dificult to do, if it is printed, maybe image based activities can identify those…