ReadCell Faulted while reading a value from cell

I am trying to create a flow where, Bot reads a table from web, data scraping to excel to Sheet1-Range C1, I have few formulas in A column e.g. A2 = max ( C1:C100), ReadCell A2 and write this value into another Sheet2 i.
I have been able to data scrape and write range to excel.
Next function is Read cell (read A2 here) which is throwing an error.
I have tried - adding save workbook , still its not working, moving those formulas from Sheet1 to Sheet3. Still No luck

Are you trying to read the sheet immediately after pasting the data within in the same excel application scope @Pritam_kadam?

What is the error you are getting @Pritam_kadam ?

Why don’t you just calculate the maximum value using the datatable you scrape from the web rather than putting the data into excel to get the value?

Yes…After writing into excel sheet…I have to use few formulas then write those into another cell. Then I will use for loop on whole process.

Yea, I can try that.
I was thinking of excel macro also.

This is just a guess, try to read the data using another excel application scope after the one you are trying to write data @Pritam_kadam