Read Range In excel , Search for data, Web Scraping and Write In Excel

I am trying to read a column in excel with values that I need to search on a search site, with this return I must write in a new tab. I did the flow using read range, open browser, for each row (input the text to search), data extract and write range. But I can’t get the result of all the items searched (initial excel column), how can I add the data extract component to be dynamic according to the loop?

Hi @Wilson_matsuoka

Your write range activity is outside foreach row scope thats why you are getting only one data. For each item if you want to scare the data from the browser and add to excel you might need to generate one excel for one product. else one excel with 1 sheet for one product. when ever you attempt to scrape the information for next item, the existing value in extracteddatatable will get cleared.

Why you are clearing the datatable after reading?.


Hi Roshan,

thanks for your message. But isn’t there any way to feed my new table with the data found in a unique way? Using a script or something? I was clearing the table because I imagined that each of the strings should clear the previous values.


Please mention your exact requirement

Basic, i have a excelFile_1 with column “Products”, in this data file i have for example (" toilet paper", " napkin", detergent")…Using the value in column “Products” i need go to a specifc webpage and searching the value and description of the “toilet paper” for example. With the result i need input in other tab (or the same ) 3 columns ( “Products”, “Description”, “Value” )