Read Unread mail in Inbox of Specific website

Hi all,
I want to read Inbox Unread Email from specific website, any idea would be highly appreciable.
Thank you.

In the Property of the Get mail activity check the Only unread messages there after use IF condition to check with your Specific website.



@hasib08 Bro, after login to Inbox, I am unable to read Email, Could you please provide sample flow if possible??


Do you mean you want to read only some unread emails with some specific content ? Not all unread emails ?

If just for all emails as @hasib08 said :point_down:

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@mz3bel, Thank you for your response.
Let me give you clear view on this issue.
There is a “xyz” website, in this website we will find “INBOX” after logging in.
I want to read all the “UNREAD” Email from the “Inbox” , I hope this is clear view from my side.
Thank you.

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As i unterstand, you want to access, let’s say facebook’s inbox and get all emails… right ?

If so, get to the inbox on facebook… :point_down:

1 - Open Browser → To open, for example “Facebook”
2 - Click → To get to the inbox…
3 - Data Scraping → To get all emails…

Hopes this clears your issue :slight_smile:

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@mz3bel Bro in Data Scrapping it is reading all the read and unread messages both, I need to read only Unread messages.


Can’t you use Get Mail Messages, instead of scraping them from the web ?

option 1 :-

If you have a list of websites which you need to check , we can easily do it with filter option

Ex:- “[From]”

It gives you mails from

like wise you can filter and do it

option 2 :-

Loop all mails and put a condition and check for the sender domain(website) . Based on the sender can process it

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