Read the rows in an excel

Hi All,

I have a requirement to read the Column values . For example i have 3 columns a,b and C

I need to read the values after a particular value. For example I need to read the Rows after China in Below example.But the location of china may come in 3 rd row or 6th row.

Please let me know.

test.xlsx (10.4 KB)

Hi @shiva252

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So to identify whether the word “China” is in 3rd or 6th row, you can actually use the Read Cell activity to read A3 and A6 cells. So you might need to use two Read Cell activities to check the values. Or else You can follow the below steps

  1. Read Cell activity - A3
  2. Capture the value and check IF - value = “China”
    If value is not China, Do another Read Cell - A6 and check whether the value is China

If A3 contains china, you can read the values below using Read Range activity. For the range You can specify A4 as the starting range

If A6 contains china, then you can configure your Read range according to that and change the range property.

Hope it helps!!

Let know whether this works for you