Read text from putty

I want to copy the output from the putty session command into a text file. This output is dynamic, it changes from time to time. Please help. Thanks in advance.

Try screen scrapping, it may work.

@skini76 already tried, not working

Hi @lalithvoop

Try to use Get visible text and indicate it with putty window and save output in one Variable

JothyPrasanth M

Hi @lalithvoop

You can set your Putty session to export the output automacally in a Log file instead of copy the text from screen.

Look at the article below.

I hope it helps you.


thanks a lot guys for really quick replies @thomazuehara I will surely try this method and @jothyprasanth.m i approach was something same but lengthy. As an alternative i chose this method. (i was accessing a linux system through putty) :

  1. i wrote a command awk ‘{for (I=1;I<=NF;I++) if ($I == “apple”) {print $(I+2)};}’ /home/testing.txt > sample.txt. This command will store the output in sample.txt file.
  2. vi sample.txt. This command displays the output in the first line. I chose get visible text (area) and stored it in variable.
  3. Later i deleted the file.
    I know this is really a very long method but as the time did not permit, i had to do this. I just posted it here coz, it might be useful to anyone in the future. Thanks


I have the same scenario, please help me in how to export the output automatically in to a text file from putty session.


Please look at this screenshot.

Hi All,
I tried the below steps, and it worked.

  1. Perform right click operation on putty header
  2. choose “copy to clipboard”.
  3. Add “Get text from clipboard” activity
  4. in output give the output string name.
  5. Manipulate ouput string using replace
  6. print the output string.