How to capture the output from putty session and copy it to word?



Hi Guys,

I have a below requirement.

  1. Connect to putty,execute a query. Output of the query varies from time to time( some times it gives me 2 rows some times many and sometimes null )

How to capture the output from query and copy it to word?

Vishal Kumar


Are you using Data Extract or OCR?

OCR works well on terminal sessions, although not the preferred option.


Hi @richarddenton,

If I use OCR, I may need to specify the region from which to extract and the output changes from time to time and region indication may not work everytime !!

How to proceed on this ? Do you have any idea ?

Vishal Kumar


Hi Vishal,

I have the same requirement, can you please let us know, how you solved it?

Ronak Garg


Hi Ronak,

I have used spool command and I took the output.

Vishal Kumar