Read Text File into Data Table

I want to generate text to data table, I know I should using Generate Data Table activity… but I’m facing the issues

Can anyone help me, I’m attached the dummy text.
the first line is header, and the separator is “;”
dummy.txt (1.3 KB)

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Your dummy data was able to be converted to DataTable as the following.

Sequence3.xaml (4.8 KB)

However, the above error show there is duplicated column name. So can you share data which similar with original?


@Anggara_Rahmadhani Untick the option UseColumnHeader and your issue will get resolved but the only thing which you need to take care while accessing the data is to use predefined column name e.g. Column1, Column2

Hi @Yoichi
Thanks for your reply, thats make me think of I shouldn’t use a Char Array

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