Generate Data Table Issue

Hi All,

I have text file containing 20 columns,need the exact data to be pasted in excel sheet with header.

Initially used hotkeys ctrl+a ,ctrl+c from notepad and tried ctrl+v in excel ,but it pasted the entire value in one cell.

Then I tried using generate data table,few columns are coming in one cell again.

can anyone help on the same,its not a complex task,still i am stuck.

Attaching the input and expected output excel and my xaml file as well.

Main.xaml (14.2 KB)

Hi @prateekjain1992
You can do One thing, Copy the data In one Variable and then write range it using write Range Activity

it is still writing in one cell @jitendra_123.

Input looks like this ,if manually i select all and copy from notepad and paste in excel it is pasting correctly as shown above.

Main (1).xaml (14.4 KB)
Done couple of changes

Hi @archanapandit,

When csv parsing is true,it is giving following errorCapture

I have given blank instead of true,now getting the output of few columns in one cell,i want all in differnt cell.

HI Prateek,
Did you update the ColumnSeparators option in the properties for Generate Data Table?
It is working fine on my system, is it possible for you to share your input text file.


Hi @archanapandit,

Since txt file i cannot attach,i am attaching the excel file,you can copy all the content and paste in txt file like below.Also I column separator is 'chr(9)'

input.xlsx (8.4 KB)

Untick UseColumnHeader in properties in Generate Data Table, then try to run


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