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I have a text which i converted to a format where i can use csv parsing in generate data table so i can get the text as DT. There’s a way to change column name for each column in a DT using code but i want to know whether its possible in any other way.

What i did is in the following xaml. Please refer and help!!

Also if anyone could provide a briefing about “Predefined columns” under “Fixed Format options” in generate datatable, it would be a huge help.

Sequence3.xaml (6.4 KB)

1.txt has the text :


Thank you.

you know you could just use read csv and then select keep headers in its option right?

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also if you want to have a custom datatable you can use build datatable

did it… but still i get column headers as Column1,Column2 etc…

you might want to check your csv

did build DT and assign that DT as output to generate datatable activity too… still gives the headers as Column1 and all

i saw your xaml file, i don’t get what are you trying to accomplish here.

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see… whatever .xaml file i gave u is a sample.

What i want to do is this : i have a site where i need data in a structured data table. but i cant use data scraping due to the web page issues. So what i did is use get text to get the data in a notepad and convert into a format where i can do csv parsing to get it into a data table…

eg: get text gives me data with tabs and space etc.




and i convert it into :

During get text i cant get the column headers. thats the issue.

and also please refer to this Read string from a text file and convert to an array and Converting String [] to datatable variable and review what you are doing, you are literally trying to pass an empty datatable into excel.

if your text file dont have any headers, how can you get the headers? you should use write cells to manually create column headers.

okay. will try. thanks for ur inputs.

and please don’t use write range, use append range instead because write range will replace your header

can u tell me how to use predefined columns in generate datatable activity… just explanation so i can generally understand

just tried to understand that column thing, you can define the number of columns for your datatable to generate, it can only be entered in numerical number like 1, 2, 3, 4 however, these numbers determines the number of characters that should be present in each column. it is fixed and should not be used.



thanku :slight_smile:

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