Read text file activity shows an error

When I use the UI path studio 2022.12.0 community edition release,by adding text in the read text file activity shows an error that was not resolved…

But I have entered the file path in read text activity in the same way which was used before…

Can anyone tell me why the path is not getting recognised and shows a compiler error in the file.


If you use UiPath.System.Activities package 22.4.4 or lower, can you try to upgrade it to higher version such as 22.4.5 or 22.10.x?


Hi @vignesh_S.M
What is the error message?. could you please send the message

After updating UiPath.system.activities to version to 22.10.4, the error got fixed but I’m getting one warning message…as below:

So, could you please help me in this?


As It’s warning, it’s no problem to ignore it, for now, I think.



FYI, if you really need to get rid of the warning, using variable will solve this matter.



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