Read Specific Value From Excel Macro


I have some problem, so i have an excel that have a macro script inside it. the macro have to be written in cell like formula before running (Add in). the problem is, if i read cell/range that excell. the cell who using that macro always return wrong values.
sample exact values i want ‘Lima Puluh Tiga Juta Tiga Ratus Lima Puluh Delapan Ribu’
but the return value is ‘-2146826259’
format file excel ‘.xlsm’
Screenshoot :

could you help me?

Thank You

Try checking below, seems your excel/macro has reference issues:

@aliaga this error usually comes when that cell give #n/a value

so in that case you will need to make update in macro to check whether reference cell isblank if yes keep currentcell value empty else the formula (“proper”)

Hello @Prafull_B,

as my understand. the formula is =if(P2="","",terbilang(P2))
am i right?


Yes you are right